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The tennis summer swing is in full force across all surfaces, and with the return to hard courts comes more of debates over lines and serves, questionable calls, and the perennial query: What does The Code say?

Court of Appeals is here to clear the air. Rebel Good, a past editor of Friend at Court, the USTA’s handbook of rules and regulations, has taught officiating for more than 30 years and will resolve all your rules questions and quarrels.

Final Answer

During an indoor match I hit a high lob that went past the hanging lights and near some beams. My opponent stopped the point and claimed the ball hit a beam. I don’t believe it did. Whose call is it? Is it like the double bounce rule, where the player has to call it on himself; or is it like a line call, where the player who is about to receive the shot makes the call?

—Ian Enverga, Chapel Hill, N.C.

You don’t get a vote and there’s no recount. Under The Code, #5, “A player calls all shots landing on, or aimed at, the player’s side of the net.”

—Rebel Good

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