Daily Show host Trevor Noah had a lot to say about the US Open women's final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka.

He rehashed the drama—which you can get caught up on here—that unfolded on Saturday in New York City. His take adds yet another strong voice to the mix: punish the men for showing their emotions just like Serena was punished.

"I'm not saying that Serena shouldn't be punished," Noah said. "I'm saying it the other way around. Now the focus is on the guys: why aren't they being punished? Why aren't they being called out on these things. Because it's got to be equal one way or another."

He was also baffled by the no coaching rule, which the WTA would have to agree with him on. It's clear that, for the good and the bad, tennis has transcended sports and become a hot-take topic in today's culture.