WATCH: Medvedev surged into his fifth final of the season in Vienna, dismissing Grigor Dimitrov in straight sets.


Daniil Medvedev described his first trip to the golf greens in graphic detail during an Insta Chat session at the Erste Bank Open.

Looking through his most memorable Instagram posts, it turns out a Mallorca afternoon with Bastian Schweinsteiger and wife Ana Ivanovic quickly became a blistering affair.

“I was doing not bad for the first time, trying my best. He showed me the grip and everything, but I was starting to feel a blister on my big thumb. Ok, well, a blister, it doesn’t matter much.

“I hit the next shot and my skin rips off,” he says of a blister that had developed on his thumb. “No blood but meat, only meat left!”


Schweinsteiger to the rescue: Medvedev’s thumb was quickly taped and the afternoon continued, culminating with the selfie.

Medvedev was more earnest when it came time to discuss his most recent post, a picture of his newborn daughter.

The 2021 US Open champion is in the midst of a resurgent fall swing, rolling into his first final since August, where he’ll face Denis Shapovalov on Sunday.