When a player wins a Grand Slam title, people are used to seeing the typical drop to your knees, racquet toss, palms in face celebration, but Daniil Medvedev gave fans a little something different. After denying Novak Djokovic a bite out of history and a calendar Grand Slam with a comprehensive 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 win, he fell to the ground and went for something "legendary."

"It's called the dead fish," Medvedev explained in his presser. "If you want to annoy your opponent when you do FIFA, you're gonna do this one. Everyone who plays FIFA thinks it's legendary. And I wanted it to be legendary. And I got hurt a little bit."


According to the Russian he thought about his celebration one night during this year's Wimbledon, some might call this manifestation. When he was thinking of ideas this one seemed to really stick, so he ran it by a few guys in the locker room. Everyone thought it would be "legendary," and it sure was. He may not have done it for TV or media, but it did garnish tons of traction, including this Baseline article and from players.

Four-time doubles major winner, Hsieh Su-Wei took to Instagram to give her own take on the celebration that reminded her of Pokemon Go.

"When he fall down I almost send my hand out to catch it," she wrote.


Australian WTA player, Daria Gavrilova who's now known for her hilarious TikToks, of course had to chime in. The 27-year-old does not recommend any player attempt to do this celebration, but she did give it a try herself.

It might have been "legendary" but it also looked quite painful and Medvedev did mention he got hurt a bit by pulling it off for his friends and fellow FIFA fans. Although he may have picked up a slight injury, there was no wiping the smile off his face when he held up the US Open trophy.

It marked Medvedev's third Grand Slam final appearance and you know what they say...third time's a charm.