Daria Kasatkina and partner Natalia Zabiiako are back with another What the Vlog episode, this time dedicated to their time in Paris for the second Grand Slam of the year at Roland Garros.

Although Kasatkina’s birthday was back in early May, the Russian had a little birthday surprise up her sleeve—for herself.

It's all thanks to countrywoman Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, who said that she spotted a piece from the Pokemon x Tiffany collaboration collection and immediately alerted Kasatkina, a famous fan of Pikachu and all things Pokemon.


“It actually happened in December that I saw this limited-edition collection,” Pavlyuchenkova explained.

The necklace, flown in from Denmark, is part of the Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon collaboration, which at the time had only just dropped in New York and Tokyo in November. Kasatkina's pendant features the character Cubone, who wears a skull for a helmet and holds a bone in hand.

But Pavlyuchenkova didn’t just hand over the pendant: She got down on one knee and presented Kasatkina with the iconic Tiffany blue case in exaggerated fashion.


Kasatkina was also joined by Mirra Andreeva in this episode for a few friendly games of Uno and Rock, Paper, Scissors.

“First [round] no scissors,” Andreeva suggested to Zabiiako. “Sometimes people just make scissors first. First not scissors.”

Andreeva, of course, threw scissors first—but Zabiiako quickly called her bluff with a rock, and Andreeva was forced to shuffle the deck.

Watch the full episode below for a taste of Roland Garros from Kasatkina’s point of view.