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Travel Channel, eat your heart out! Daria Kasatkina and girlfriend Natalia Zabiiako are back with another vlog, this time pulling back the curtain on the so-called "fifth Grand Slam" at the BNP Paribas Open.

In more than 30 minutes, Kasatkina and Zabiiako chronicle their early days in Indian Wells, from their arrival at the airport to their on-site experience at accreditation, transportation, the practice courts, and tournament dining.

The video also features cameo appearances from Leylah Fernandez, Anna Kalinskaya and her coach, former Argentinan pro Patricia Tarabini, and Elena Rybakina.

Throughout the video, Kasatkina and Zabiiako grill their guests on some of their favorite food and drink, leading to some big reveals of some little-known fun facts.

Kalinskaya's favorite cocktail, for example, is a gin and tonic — "What? Are you serious?" an incredulous Kasatkina replies — while Rybakina isn't the biggest fan of most of the culinary offerings offered on site at the BNP Paribas Open, save for the larger-than-life acai bowls available for purchase.

What she is a fan of, though, is mojitos — of the non-alcoholic variety, choosing to replace the traditional rum with Sprite.

"You interviewed the wrong person," the Wimbledon champion jokes, later revealing that she also doesn't have a driver's license. (Neither does Kasatkina.)


Later in the video, Kasatkina shows off her artistic side by drawing a variety of doodles on a tablet, including her take on the hamburger from the logo for the restaurant Shake Shack.

"So this is what we're doing at lunch," Zabiiako says, "We're not eating, we're drawing food."

In addition to player experiences, Zabiiako also narrates what it's like to be both a tournament guest and fan, touring areas including the player restaurant and fitness center, and the fan zone and other concourses around the grounds.

Signing off by chowing down on an acai bowl as recommended by Rybakina — "Lena wouldn't advise us badly," Zabiiako says — the former Olympic figure skater adds that fans won't have to wait long for the next installment as the words, "See you in Miami!" flash across the screen.