I've heard of dying for shoes, but this is ridiculous!

Daria Saville’s pre-Wimbledon preparations hit a major snag when her grass-court shoes fell victim to the infamous Autobahn en route to the Bett1Open on Wednesday.

Saville shared an image of her car on Instagram, revealing that the rooftop storage bin had come loose while she and her team braved the notoriously fast German highway.

“It is so hard to get grass-court shoes that we really did consider risking our lives trying to stop the Autobahn traffic and all the trucks just to get them back,” she later explained on her Instagram Stories.


“Luckily, we didn’t cause any traffic or accidents because there were really big trucks behind us going really fast. I think they just smashed my bag and shoes, so it probably wouldn’t have been worth it, trying to go back there to try and save my stuff.”

Currently ranked No. 104, the former Top 20 standout enjoyed a revitalizing run to the third round of Roland Garros on clay, scoring a win over Petra Kvitova along the way. This latest mishap, however, puts her immediate grass-court plans in jeopardy.

Saville shared her shoe size online in the hopes of securing a replacement pair in time for her match in Berlin, scheduled for Saturday.