WATCH: Saville vlogged her week at the Toray Pan Pacific Open last month.


File this under “I’ll just leave this here.”

While it’s largely common knowledge that, while men and women are paid equally at Grand Slam tournaments, pay disparities persist at lower-level tournaments, Daria Saville put the information in stark relief on Instagram this week—noting her 2022 prize money was nearly a third less than ATP ranking counterpart Aslan Karatsev.

Saville is in the midst of recovering from an ACL injury that effectively shut down what had been a resurgent season, capping her season prize money at $745,574. Karatsev, ranked No. 53 as of October 24, is already at $1,007,492 with several more weeks to increase that total.

In a short video juxtaposed against footage of Saville competing at this year’s US Open, Saville listed players from major ranking milestones to show that before taxes, while WTA world No. 1 Iga Swiatek outearned ATP No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz, the men make a consistently better income in ways that only get more extreme the further one looks down the respective rankings.

The disparity appears especially egregious for those ranked outside the Top 500, with men earning double what women make on tennis’ so-called minor league circuit.

“With so much spare time I got a bit curious,” Saville wrote on Instagram.

The infographic comes as the WTA is on the precipice of its 50th anniversary, and perhaps shows that, for as far as the women’s game has come, there is still plenty more work to be done for true parity between the two tours.