On Wednesday night, three-time Grand Slam champion Lindsay Davenport was joined by Chef Michelle Bernstein for a fun night filled with gourmet food, cooking tips and conversation. The former No. 1 learned how to make seafood ceviche tostada, and wrapped the hour-long cooking experience up with a fruit carpaccio with passion fruit drizzle and candied cornflakes.

Needless to say, the Citi Taste of Tennis night was pretty sweet.


Bernstein has appeared at numerous Taste of Tennis events throughout her career, saying that it's her "favorite event of the year." The American chef from Miami is an expert in Latin-style cooking, has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America and is a winner of the prestigous James Beard Award.

Davenport and Bernstein weren't the only stars of the night. Chanda Rubin served as the event's host, helping facilitate conversation between the stars and the roughly 100 virtual cooks.

After throwing tostada shells in the oven and while cutting onions, Davenport answered the first question of the night, which happened to be mine:

Q. After winning a major title, did you have a celebration meal or anything in particular you'd like to go eat?

A: "The US Open was in New York. I had the doubles finals the next day, so I couldn't stay out very late, but my whole family took me to Palms Steakhouse. It was right around the corner from where I was staying, that was really fun. But no not really. I would look forward to getting home and truly getting Mexican food. It's always been my favorite, growing up here in Southern California. So, I always loved to come home and go for that, but I do remember that steak dinner."

A little later in the hour while dicing up shrimp, I asked the 1996 Olympic Gold medalist if she allowed herself any guilty pleasures during her playing days.

"Oh gosh, well I also have a sweet tooth as well as a fried-food tooth," Davenport laughed.


Davenport said she always attempted to stay away from desserts until the end of a tournament. Even if she didn't win the event, she stressed the importance of allowing herself to eat these foods, regardless. Although, Davenport didn't drink much in her professional tennis days, she also loved a celebratory glass of wine.

"I didn't drink much at all when I played. I always felt like, once I was of age, obviously it was always fun to have a drink or a glass of wine when the tournament was done. Those are the things I'd look forward to after a tournament was over," Davenport said.

Rubin chimed in following Davenport's comment.

"We talked about not drinking while we played and, my have things changed. It's like the complete opposite now," Rubin said laughingly.

Before the fun night of cooking was over, we ended things on a very sweet note, cutting up thin slices of pineapple, strawberries and heating up sugar on the stove to make candied cornflakes. The simple dessert recipe took less than 10 minutes to create.


The Citi Taste of Tennis' Women's History Month - Legend Series will be back in action next week with 2018 Australian Open winner Caroline Wozniacki.