If you happened to watch the Oscars over the weekend and you’re a big tennis fan, you might have noticed the Williams sisters weren’t the only pros to get a shout-out from the stage. Check out Best Supporting Actor Brad Pitt’s acceptance speech and fast-forward to the 1:30 mark.


Did the “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” star actually acknowledge young American standout Michael Mmoh?

Do they hang out? Is Pitt running scripts by Mmoh? Is “Mike” helping Brad with his forehand whenever he comes down to Florida to visit? Who actually knows if all those things are happening: They both seem like good guys that could bond, despite the generational gap. In this case, though, Pitt was giving a nod to his co-star, Mike Moh, who portrayed Bruce Lee in the 1960s-era film.

So, no, Mmoh hasn’t transcended the sport yet, like Serena and Venus, but time could be on the 22-year-old’s side. This week, Mmoh is playing at the Cleveland Challenger tournament. He won his first career Grand Slam match in Melbourne this year and could be due for a big 2020 as he tries to return to the Top 100.

Perhaps that near-shout-out on Oscars night will spur him on.