When under pressure and faced with adversity, the best of the best don't crumble. Instead, they are calm and composed and can switch up their game plans on the fly. Tennis Channel analysts Paul Annacone and Prakash Amritraj discuss some tips for changing strategy during a match.

The Do's:


Have self-awareness


Think pragmatically


Change the tempo


Establish a rhythm

The Study Guide:

Annacone suggest watching the 2019 Wimbledon final between Simona Halep and Serena Williams. Heading into the match, it was questionable if the Romanian would be able to match the 23-time major champion's fire power.

Halep did her homework and was able to change the tempo early on by playing first-strike tennis and taking the lead. Serena wasn't able to get on offense, which led to a tremendous 6-2, 6-2 loss.


Distance Learning: 
Changing strategy 

Distance Learning: Changing strategy mid-match

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"They actually did the preemptive strike of having to change mid-match by setting the tempo early," Annacone said. "That was an amazing lesson in strategy at one of the biggest moments in time."

Amritaj recommended watching Andre Agassi's comeback in the 1999 Roland Garros final against Andrei Medvedev. With his back up against the wall down two sets to love, taking blow after blow, Agassi never pressed the panic button to ultimately win the title.

Distancing Learning with Annacone and Amritaj will be back with more tips and tricks this year.