ESPN compiled a list of "the 20 most dominant athletes of 2018," and ATP and WTA No.1s Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep both made the cut.

Djokovic came in at No. 10 with a "Dominance Rating" of 1.205. (ESPN determined that number by comparing his statistics with those of other top tennis players from the past 20 years.)

In tennis terms, winning both Wimbledon and the US Open—plus taking two ATP Masters 1000 titles and making three other finals to finish the year as the world No. 1—very much qualifies as a dominant season.


He was beaten, though, by Simona Halep, who out-dominated at No. 9 with a 1.339 rating. In addition to her Roland Garros championship and Australian Open final, ESPN cited Halep's consistency throughout the year—she held the top ranking for nearly all of 2018.

Both players have the bragging rights of having beaten LeBron James, who was rated 13th. No. 1 overall was given to world-championship-winning gymnast Simone Biles.