With no tournaments compete in, players have been finding all kinds of unusual ways to show off their skills.

WTA No. 76 Misaki Doi, for example, began by one-upping Taro Daniel in the Kendama Challenge, but here's something maybe even more impressive, if not mind-boggling: turning a tennis-ball lid into a precision weapon with the flick of a finger:


In case you, too, have no idea how she even did that, Doi made a follow-up video explaining how it's done:

"Wow. Cool! It's a challenge tomorrow," Daniel commented.

Continuing the trend of stay-at-home activities among players from Japan, "My challenge is keyboard harmonica," said doubles No. 73 Miyu Kato:


For sure this is a tough time in lots of ways right now, but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to nurture a new talent.