Rublev Confessional Cart Promo

Andrey Rublev probably won’t be able to live down the time he sang One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” in a boyband for a YouTube cover as a teenager. But the now 24-year-old sure knows how to turn a vocal request on its head.

In a teaser for Tennis Channel’s 2022 Confessional Cart series, the Russian read the prompt off a sticky note, but instead pointed and said, “the guy with the camera has to sing the chorus of your favorite song.”

Producer Kyle was game to jump in. “We found love in a hopeless place,” he attempted to croon before stating, “We gotta get you to do it, right?”

No enthusiastic Bweh response followed…

“Yeahhhhh, I don’t know,” Rublev mumbled with a smile.


The world No. 7 however, revealed he had been in a singing mood earlier during a photoshoot. “Don’t stop me now. I’m having such a good time,” Rublev busted out while bobbing his head. “We were singing this song with Sascha today.”

Unfortunately for Kyle, he struck an unforced error when asking, “What song is that?”

“Don’t stop me now,” Rublev repeated with a touch of disappointment.

Some staccato on the lyrics might have helped with recognizing the Queen anthem. Nevertheless, Rublev’s been hard to stop on tour the past month with a 13-match win streak that resulted in two more singles titles being added to his trophy cabinet (Marseille, Doha) before ending in a semifinal showing at Indian Wells. He also brought home Marseille's doubles crown.

Rublev is seeded fifth at the Miami Open and could meet Nick Kyrgios if the Australian advances past Adrian Mannarino.

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Download the app on your IOS or Android device today!