Donna Vekic celebrated her 25th birthday with the surprise launch of DNNA, an indoor fragrance line that explores her lifelong passion for candles.

“I always travel with one, and if I don’t have one with me, I always buy one for the hotel room,” she said after her opening round win over Anastasia Potapova. “It definitely helps me relax, and I think my brand speaks a lot to the idea of duality: the ups and downs, the highs and lows. It’s definitely who I am, and I hope people will like it.”

DNNA comes in five scents, including one tennis fans may particularly enjoy.

“One is inspired by Wimbledon: strawberries and champagne, and that was inspired by the idea that, there wouldn’t be full capacity here this year, and not everyone can come to England. We tried to bring Wimbledon to the people!”


With formulas designed by perfumer Arnaud Fourré, the candle itself is crafted from beeswax sourced at the Kopački Rit Nature Park in Croatia—promising to emit negative ions to purify and improve air quality.

DNNA will donate part of the proceeds from each candle towards the survival of the bee community in Kopački Rit Nature Park.

“I wanna say I’m tough, but I’m not tough!” she joked of her business demeanor. “I really have a good team behind me and DNNA. My parents helped me a lot, and we worked with an amazing branding agency that helped put everything together. It’s hopefully the beginning of something great, and something I can continue doing after tennis because I’m really interested in this kind of thing.”