Donna Vekic’s business empire is growing at an exponential rate. In the week following the Wimbledon Championships, the world No. 45 partnered with Ikador Hotel to host a dinner promoting her DNNA indoor fragrance line and waded into the world of NFTs with the help of Blockchayn Labs.

Vekic revealed the indoor fragrance line ahead of her return to SW19, where she reached the round of 16 back in 2018. The line features an array of scents—including one inspired by Wimbledon’s famed strawberries and cream—and are crafted from Nature Park Kopački rit-sourced beeswax.

“It’s hopefully the beginning of something great, and something I can continue doing after tennis because I’m really interested in this kind of thing,” she said in June.


The 25-year-old borrowed Wimbledon’s all-white theme for her first DNNA Candle Dinner at a luxury boutique hotel in Ika, Croatia.

“The evening was wonderful, so thankful to everyone who attended and enriched the evening and launch of DNNA,” Vekic wrote on Instagram. “It was a dream of mine to create and inspires me so much that it is possible to bring a dream to life.”

The dinner took place a day after another entrepreneurial announcement: Vekic plans to release a set of digital collectibles as non-fungible tokens, making her the latest tennis star to explore this intriguing new market.

Former world No. 1 Naomi Osaka and sister Mari collaborated on an art collection sold as NFTs earlier this year to great success—one piece sold for more than $200,000.

Vekic’s NFT collection was teased with a touch of Wonder Woman cosplay, and more information from Blockchayn Labs is still to come.