Dunlop CX Limited Edition

While on-court performance should be the ultimate barometer when adopting a racquet, there’s no denying that appearance factors into the equation. If you don’t like how a frame looks on a store shelf, let alone swinging in your hand, it’s much tougher to embrace. That’s not a problem for Dunlop’s CX line—the deep burgundy and black cosmetic adorning the latest version is a real stunner. And if you like flexible, control-oriented frames with great comfort and feel, it’s got the game to match.

But since we live in a world that loves options, Dunlop will soon being offering an alternative colorway. The CX Limited Edition frames have the identical specs and technologies as the original models, but come in a sleek, black cosmetic. Now there are two enticing looks to attract players to the racquet.

However, only three models in the line are getting the treatment—the CX 200, CX 200 Tour (18x20) and CX 400 Tour. Here’s a rundown of their vitals:

CX Limited Edition
CX 200 Tour
CX 200
CX 400 Tour
Head Size (sq. in.)
Length (in.)
Unstrung Weight (oz.)
Unstrung Balance
10 pts. HL
9 pts. HL
7 pts. HL
Beam Width (mm)
String Pattern


The CX 200 is the hero frame in the family. It’s aimed at players who put a premium on control, feel and all-court versatility in an arm-friendly package. It takes a low-powered approach, relying on its speediness through the hitting zone to generate pace and spin.

The CX 200 Tour pushes the formula a step further. The smaller face, thinner, more flexible beam and denser string pattern offer complete command over shots without fear of overhitting. Even though it’s heavier than the standard 200, the Tour is still lightning quick. It’s a classic ball-striker’s frame, right down to the leather grip.

The CX 400 Tour presents a different playing experience. It’s firmer and thicker than the 200s, delivering easier pace and depth with less effort. Yet, it doesn’t sacrifice the CX comfortable response and dependable targeting, which eludes many similar tweener models in its category.

The Limited Edition CX 200 and CX 200 Tour racquets will be available for purchase on June 20. Dunlop touring pros will start using the models at Wimbledon. The CX 400 Tour LE hits retailers later in the summer.