Look out Denis Shapovalov! There’s a new rapper on tour… maybe.

Emma Navarro’s rapid rise and consistency hasn’t gone unnoticed, as this year’s Hobart champion was nominated to her first Billie Jean King Cup squad by captain Lindsay Davenport. Before the 22-year-old makes her debut at this weekend’s Finals qualifier in Lake Nona, Fla., Navarro first had to navigate her way through a challenge every American first-timer is tasked with: writing and then delivering a rookie rap.

How did it go? In the words of Coco Gauff, Navarro “ate.” Clervie Ngounoue concurred, declaring she “left absolutely no crumbs.”

Taking the podium, the world No. 21 warned her audience to “bear with me if it’s not what you hear on the radio.”

Working a beat, Navarro welcomed opponent Belgium in her early bars. She soon cautioned, “there’s more,” after a round of applause broke out.


Navarro has picked up 21 wins so far this season.

Navarro has picked up 21 wins so far this season.

What followed might be why Brandon Holt declared her “Eminem-Varro.”

So, y’all, this is rookie rap, y’all

Thanks for being here

It’s been a hell of a year

To my very, very dear

Coaches and peers

I can’t wait to hear

Your very loud cheer

So let’s get into gear

And rock out with no fear

This has been my weird

Attempt at Shakespeare

And it’s time to make the call

To end this aw-ful

Rookie rap, y’all.

Navarro is slated to play Friday’s second singles rubber against Hanne Vandewinkel. Jessica Pegula opens for the host nation, taking on Sofia Costoulas.