WATCH: Raducanu rebounded from a second-round exit at Wimbledon to advance at the Citi Open.


WASHINGTON—Get your potions out: Emma Raducanu is ready to slither through the Citi Open in spite of a less-than-magical win over Louisa Chirico.

“I didn't necessarily play like a wizard today, but I got through it and I fought, and that's all that matters,” she said after the 6-4, 6-2 victory.

As Day 2 reached the witching hour, the sweetheart of the 2021 US open was asked which Hogwarts House fit her best, and she didn’t need the sorting hat to give a surprising answer.

“I'd be in Slytherin, for sure,” she said with a smile. “I just think that, you know, they haven't got a great rep, but I just think they are really cool. They’re pretty, in a way, brutal, but—I don't know. They have got a, just mysterious sort of side to them, and I like that.”

There’s certainly an air of mystery around Raducanu as she embarks on what will likely be one of the more consequential summers of her career. She recently hired Dmitry Tursunov as her new coach and with a Flushing Meadows title defense in sight, the British teen is grateful for the insight and levity that the former ATP pro brings to the team.

“He definitely has a good sense of humor, and he's definitely trying to make me take things easier on myself,” she said of Tursunov, who previously worked with Aryna Sabalenka and Anett Kontaveit. “I put a lot of emphasis on everything I do, and I want to do it the best of my abilities all the time.

“He’s just slowly trying to shift me towards, ‘If it's not perfect, it's okay. If you shank one, it's okay.’ Just these sorts of things, and being more accepting of that. It definitely helped I think in today's match, because things weren't perfect. I wasn't playing amazing tennis, but I was accepting and I just fought through to the end.”


Raducanu’s fighting qualities have never been in question, as the Brit famously battled her way out of qualifying to win that first major title last summer. The result launched her into global superstardom and secured endorsements with brands like Evian—leading to some unforgettable opportunities like a commercial with musician Dua Lipa.

“She's a really cool person. She has great style, good character. It was a pretty long shoot day, but it went really fast with her. It was funny, for my dancing segment, I think the crew was like a hundred people or something. I had this thing like, ‘I'm not going to dance. I was too scared to do it.’ Then I basically kicked like 95 people out of the room, and they only kept the five that were there. I was like, ‘You need this more than I do!’”

Can Raducanu continue landing her steps with a full Citi Open stadium watching? She’ll next face Camila Osorio for a spot in the quarterfinals.