At last year’s US Open, Emma Raducanu proved she wasn’t intimidated by any on-court challenge as she powered her way from qualifying into a surprise championship victory over the course of three weeks.

But in the lean months following her life-changing victory, the 19-year-old says she is taking on a different kind of challenge: letting go of the idea of “perfection” as she struggles to replicate that Grand Slam success.


In a video for Nike’s “What Are You Working On” series, Raducanu opened up as she took viewers on a tour of some of her favorite childhood spots—from her first tennis courts in Bromley, South London to a muddy dirt bike track where she talked about her passion for motocross.

“I was such a little perfectionist. I’d go crazy if I didn’t, like, hit the ball in the right place,” Raducanu said.

“I think that mindset has helped me get to any sort of result I’ve achieved. But I’ve definitely grown and learned that perfection isn’t the destination.”