While Ernests Gulbis has been grinding it out on the ATP Challenger Tour in hopes of getting back to the top level of the sport, his past few weeks have provided plenty of Tennis Twitter worthy moments. Watch at your own risk—warning, there are multiple expletives.

Triste Challenger

During a qualifying match on July 18, the former world No. 10 celebrated consolidating a break of serve with a loud, “Come On!”, staring down Matteo Martineau.

As Gulbis sat down for the changeover, the chair umpire issued him a code violation warning for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“For what?” asked Gulbis.

“For what you did,” was the response.


Gulbis explained he made the drop shot winner and Martineau said something. “What should I do?” he asked.

“You talk to me, I’ll take care of it. You cannot do what you did.”

“I cannot say, 'Come On!' looking in somebody’s eyes?” he said before repeating it in a raised voice. “End of conversation.”

Not quite. After some more chatter, he uttered this one-liner: “Is this a sport or some kind of, I don’t know, what the fucking, aristocratic dinner?"

Zug Challenger

This one was far less dramatic in terms of visual content, but a talking point no less. In the opening game of his final with Dominic Stricker on July 31, Gulbis fell behind 0-40. He would eventually stave off eight break points before holding (twenty points were played). Stricker would ultimately rally in three sets to clinch the trophy. With his run that week, Gulbis jumped 87 spots to No. 278, bringing us to this week...


Cordenons Challenger

If the quest to regain his status as a Top 100 player doesn’t work out, perhaps Gulbis could try the javelin next? Down break point to Nikolas Sanchez Izquierdo in his opening round Wednesday, the 33-year-old double-faulted. What followed was a long hurl of his racquet to the far end, hitting the Wilson signage.

“This f\\\ing tournament. F\\\ this f*ing event,” he muttered.


That wasn’t all from this match. Having bounced back to take the opening set, Gulbis was in command when another double fault put him behind 15-40 at 3-2 in the second set. He slammed the dead ball return to his left, nailing an umbrella placed between the two clay courts.

A point penalty for ball abuse from the chair umpire followed.

“Why?” he inquired. No immediate response.

“Why? Whyyyy? Where did it go?” Gulbis continued. “Did it hit somebody, did it go outside of the court? It even stayed in the local areas of the court. Did I hit somebody?”

“It hit the umbrella. They play –“


“There is a doubles match on the other court.”

“Where was the closest person to the ball?”

“The umpire.”

“Ten meters!”

After walking back to the baseline, Gulbis finished, “You make us play in the s\\\hole, s\\\hole! And then we get warnings.”


“Please what? Honestly, drives me nuts.”

In true Gulbis fashion, it proved to be a nonstarter as he advanced in straight sets.