Some of the best moments during interviews are the ones that can’t be planned for. On Wednesday at the BNP Paribas Open, Coco Gauff provided one to remember during media day with an innocent mic cut.

Answering a range of questions for a series of Tennis Channel’s social media reels—stay tuned on that front—attention toward the end of our interview shifted to the Academy Awards.

Like the rest of the players who came through, we asked Gauff to make the call on the film that will take home Best Picture. (we’ll reveal the rundown of player predictions this weekend)

“This is a tough list. I feel like it’s not going to be Avatar (The Way Of Water) even though that’s what I would pick,” said Gauff.


Oopsie. :)

Oopsie. :) 

Continuing, the 2022 French Open finalist made her choice.

“I feel like Everything Everywhere All At Once is gonna win. And I almost predicted…”

Out came the microphone, as Gauff’s arm hit right through it. Everyone on set bent down in unison cracking up at the accidental mishap.

“Sorry, do we have to redo that question?” Gauff said with a giggle.

“What I was saying, I almost predicted Rihanna’s Super Bowl thing, so if I predict this, I can clearly see into the future. You can call me Raven-Symoné.”

Noted Coco, though for now, we’ll go with Evelyn Quan Wang after that impromptu martial arts move.