Former Georgetown University tennis coach Gordon Ernst pleaded guilty on Monday afternoon in Boston federal court in a college admissions bribery case. The 54-year-old was accused of accepting more than $2 million dollars from wealthy families attempting to get their children into the prestigious school in Washington.

Ernst, who has residences in both Maryland and Massachusetts, appeared virtually for Monday's hearing and will be sentenced in March 2022.

The former tennis coach agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery, federal programs bribery and one count of filing a false tax return. In a plea deal which was announced last month, prosecutors suggested that he not serve more than four years in federal prison. However, the deal calls for a minimum of one year in prison and will ultimately be up to the judge.

Ernst has also agreed to let go of the $3.4 million he received during the college scam, in which he worked with a college admissions coordinator to recruit kids as fake athletic recruits in order to get them into the elite institution.

The ex-tennis coach is far from the only coach that has admitted to accepting bribes. University of Southern California men's soccer coach Jorge Salcedo, was sentenced to eight months behind bars.

In all, 57 people have been charged in the massive scandal.