When you’re a cultural icon like Roger Federer, there aren’t many areas of the public realm that would escape your presence. And this time, the Swiss maestro is stepping into a new arena with some local ties.

Federer will be featured in a children’s book with Globi, a popular character in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, titled, “Globi and Roger.”


According to the book's website, the two embark on a series of adventures after a chance encounter. “Globi walks through the forest and almost trips over a tennis ball. How did it get here? Looking around the corner, he discovers Roger Federer having a picnic with his family. This is the beginning of a great adventure featuring lots of tennis, a fast-paced road trip to Wimbledon and a visit to Zambia, Africa.”

Hailed as the “Swiss Mickey Mouse” in some circles, Globi is a walking, talking cartoon parrot that’s been around since the 1930s, and has had a huge cultural impact in Switzerland—much like a certain tennis player.

Speaking of Federer and tennis, the 2009 French Open champion is gearing up for his return to the ATP Tour after a very-brief comeback attempt from knee surgery.

Federer will play the tournament at home in Geneva before heading onto Roland Garros. His new pal Globi likely won’t be at either event.