WATCH: Tiafoe began the year with a run of blistering form at United Cup, helping lead the U.S. to an emphatic victory.


In the immortal words of Project Runway’s Tim Gunn: That’s a lotta look.

Frances Tiafoe brought a decidedly groovy vibe to the Kia Arena for his first match at the 2023 Australian Open, sporting a head-to-toe Nike print that puts the “b” in “subtlety” and was already grabbing attention before he appeared on court.

Some of Nike’s other athletes have paired the print with a more muted top, but Tiafoe went full tilt to play Daniel Altmaier.

Good friend Coco Gauff had some thoughts after her opening-round victory over Katerina Siniakova.


“It's a lot going on,” admitted the American, who has taken her own chic swings on behalf of New Balance, “but I feel like that's Frances Tiafoe. He has a lot going on. He's never quiet, he's always loud.

“I think the outfit represents that. Loud and proud, and I think that's Big Foe.”

The Big Foe fashion brand has expanded on both ends of the spectrum in 2023, showing off his Calvin Klein underwear on Instagram to rival Carlos Alcaraz and mark an impressive start to the season, one that began with a 5-0 record to help lead the United States to victory in the inaugural United Cup.

If Tiafoe continues to swing this big, 2023 is already shaping up to be an unforgettable year for one of the game’s best and brightest entertainers—and now he’s impossible to miss!