WATCH: Roger Federer argues with chair umpire after receiving a time violation during his second-round match in Paris.


It's not too often Roger Federer gets into a heated exchange on court, but a time violation issued on Thursday at Roland Garros sent his typically cool attitude up in flames.

Federer took the opening set against Marin Cilic in convincing fashion only to fall behind 3-1 in the second set. As he stood courtside, wiping away sweat with his towel, he received a time violation by the chair umpire. The Swiss superstar, playing in just his fifth match with the updated COVID-19 court rules, may still be adjusting to the enhanced safety protocols that include the elimination of ball kids retrieving towels.

Federer was making his way back to return Cilic's serve when the violation was issued, and still had 13 seconds on the clock. This is, perhaps, what drew Federer's ire.

Federer entered into a lengthy (and largely French) back-and-forth with chair umpire Emmanuel Joseph that went on for at least five minutes.

"Je pensais.." Joseph said, which translates to "I thought."

Before he could finish his thought, Federer interjected with "mais tu penses faux...comme t'as pensé faux juste avant," or, "but you think you thought wrong just before."

A furious Federer? Definitely a rare sight to see.


Though the argument went on for much longer than the time it took him to grab his towel, the crowd loved every second of it, even cheering Federer on. How much did the argument resemble something usually reserved for ATP player council meetings?

"I don't even dare to go to the towel anymore!" Federer said to Joseph during the changeover at 4-1 down in the second set.

The argument continued between points and on changeovers for a few games. He would lose three out of the next four games, and ultimately the set.

But in the end, Federer was able to come out on top with a 6-2, 2-6, 7-6 (4), 6-2 win over the Croat. The world No. 8 is through to the third round at Roland Garros for the 16th time in his colorful career.

Following his noteworthy performance on the terre battue, he opened up about the situation during his post-match presser.

"When he sets his foot down to get ready for the serve, he's not quite ready yet. He still takes 10 bounces. I'm not in the mood to stand there and just be you know, here I am so you can get ready. Start bouncing already, and I rock up when I feel like it's also I'm ready to go," Federer said.