The second season of "Tennis United" has arrived and newly-married couple Gael and Elina Monfils took the hot seat for the first episode of Tennis United's "Crosscourt" series. The episode was filmed prior to their wedding at Rome's 1000-level event and the two tied the knot in July before heading to the Tokyo Olympics.

Gael and Elina took turns asking each other questions about their relationship, life as a couple on tour and of course spilled all the details on the proposal. Gael who isn't an avid hiker confessed it's more of Elina's thing, but decided to go on a four-hour-long hike just to propose to his now wife. He lost his cellular connection during the hike, which made it harder to find the spot he planned on proposing at, but it all fell together quite nicely.

"Somehow Elina just found the best spot, 800 meters from the parking lot and then I felt it," Gael said. "I felt that was the right moment and of course, I was very nervous."

"Were you more nervous than when you're facing Rafa in Roland Garros?" Elina asked.

"It's that you're confident because you know about your relationship. But it's like I know it's an important moment in your life. It's an important step and I was very nervous. More than a match. Life it's bigger than our sport obviously, so I was really nervous and really happy that you know, it went well," Gael explained.


Elina went on to say that it was a bit odd when Gael asked her to go on a hike, but said that the "big step" was an amazing moment.

The open conversation led to wedding planning, which Elina seemed to be doing the majority of.

"I think 99.99% it's me. And then there is 0.01% is you," Elina said laughingly.

The fraction of a percent comes from Gael choosing the wedding's music. The newlyweds are set to take the court at the upcoming US Open next week.