When the temperatures plummet, many tennis players head indoors. Yet these courts, while fun, are usually packed in the winter and can be more expensive. Outdoor public courts remain a cost-effective option—in some cases even free—and are generally empty during the colder months.

While we don't suggest playing in dangerously-low temperatures, you can stay perfectly warm and safe with the right outfit at chillier temperatures. From your head to your feet, these are our picks for the best gear to prepare for play in cold weather:


Smartwool Merino 250 Reversible Headband

Price: $22

A headband is the perfect compromise between warmth and freedom. This merino wool headband from Smartwool keeps your ears and head warm without getting too hot. The wool is also double-layered, making it a wonderful option for lower temperatures. It also just looks really stylish and is unisex, able to be worn by men or women with any head size.



Patagonia Capilene Thermal Weight Zip-Neck and Smartwoold Merino 250 Base Layer

Prices: $99 - Patagonia | $100 - Smartwool

You will need a base layer to keep you warm while playing. For men, we suggest this zip-neck thermal from Patagonia. The brand's technical apparel is unmatched for the price, with this thermal being made with heat-trapping and sweat-removing fabric. For women, we head back to Smartwool. Their 100% marino wool products are truly the standard for warmth, fit, and comfort.

With proper attire in colder environments, the perfect combination of fresh air and tennis doesn't have to be compromised.

With proper attire in colder environments, the perfect combination of fresh air and tennis doesn't have to be compromised.


Saucony Fortify Convertible Gloves

Price: $45

These unisex gloves from Saucony are the perfect option for players who want a pair of gloves that are quality without breaking the bank. The gloves are convertible, able to switch from a five-fingered glove to a mitten. For fiercer temperatures, these gloves are wind and water resistant. You can even use your smartphone with them if needed. While we don't recommend these gloves for especially cold days (under 25 degrees F), these gloves are perfect when you need that extra layer.



Asics Lite-Show Winter Tight and Title Nine Crash 2.0 Polartec Tight

Prices: $85 - Asics | $99 - Title Nine

While your legs will be doing most of the work, and quickly heating up, playing tennis, it's still important to have a layer designed for winter. On the men's side, take a look at the Asics Lite-Show Winter Tight. They are form-fitting and can be used as a base layer for colder sessions or by itself for less extreme temperatures. For women, go with the Crash Tights from Title Nine. They are made with Polartec fleece, keeping you warm whether you are playing tennis, going skiing, or a simple hike through a mountain. They also come in solid and striated colors.


Swiftkick Pursuit Four Socks and Bombas Merino Wool Sock

Prices: $22 - Swiftkick | $22 - Bombas

Slipping on a pair of warm socks is the best feeling. These socks from Swiftkick and Bombas provide that warmth and comfort, but with merino wool, a fabric that regulates body temperature and will keep your feet dry. While neither will keep you dry after jumping in an ankle-deep puddle (although we won't judge if you do), they will do a good job at wicking away light snow and rain.