Genie Bouchard's fame came quick. But if you listen to her story, you'll quickly understand that success on the tennis court is hardly overnight. Bouchard joined Tennis Channel Inside-In this week to discuss her journey from Montreal to the Wimbledon final, and the fame, fortune, and pitfalls that came along with celebrity status.

"I wish I would have been more prepared for the scrutiny that came in 2015, and how tough the media and fans would be on me " Bouchard stated. "Oh you made the final of a Grand Slam last year, you have to win one this year!"


Bouchard has plenty to say about social media (it's getting better out there she says), but also provides some lighthearted stories about the benefits of fame. From having Wayne Gretzky in her player box to meeting Drake and seeing him post a picture of the two on social media, she's been blessed to spend time and get to know some of the most successful people in society.

"You can relate on things, but also learn so many things from them."

The 27-year-old's conversation is an electric one, and highlights just how promising her media career can be when the time comes for the former world No. 5 to hang up her racquet. Bouchard's appearances on the Tennis Channel airwaves as a guest analyst were met with acclaim, and that door is firmly open for her post-tennis career. The Canadian has plenty of tennis left to play however, and she's salivating to get back on the court once her health is restored.