The trademarked light blue color is unmistakable. The performance proven worthy of players from public parks to Grand Slams. As much as any racquet, string or shoe, no piece of tennis equipment is as identifiable, pervasive or lasting as Tourna Grip.

The overgrip continues to be the top-selling grip around the globe thanks to its unique dry feel and moisture absorbing properties. Where most overgrips start to fail once they get sweaty, Tourna Grip actually gets tackier when wet. Few competing models come close to matching the racquet security it provides in hot and humid conditions.

However, Tourna Grip is not without its faults. For one thing, it can be tricky to wrap. It’s not tapered at either end, nor is there any adhesive to help create an anchor point when applying it to the handle. Bubbling around the butt cap can be an unwanted consequence. But seasoned players can learn to work around this issue with practice.

More problematic is its durability. Depending on factors like sweat levels and grip pressure, the grip can start to peel after just a few hours of play. As either side of it can be used, players often unwrap and flip it over—sometimes during a match—to extend the life of one grip. Otherwise you can burn through a pack pretty quickly. This has obviously not deterred players from relying on it, but it has been a steady criticism of the grip.

Tourna Tuff

Tourna Tuff


That’s why Unique Sports, the makers of Tourna Grip, spent six years developing an upgrade. The new Tourna Tuff is designed to provide the usual moisture wicking capabilities, but with more durable materials. Same look, same feel, same performance, but improved longevity. Dedicated users of the original should not panic—it’s not going anywhere. So if you’re content with the current model, don’t feel the need to empty shelves for fear of its extinction. This is simply a more resilient alternative.

Tourna Tuff is currently available, but in limited quantities. Finding a pack—sold in sets of 3, 10 and 30—may prove a challenge. Expect a healthy inventory to arrive in the spring when temperatures start to rise, along with the demand for the ultimate warm-weather grip.