In the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, Tennis Channel decided to celebrate by indulging a group of ATP players in a game of Would You Rather. This wasn't a typical edition, for the questions were hair-raising, spine-chilling and frightening.

OK, maybe it wasn't all that scary, though some of the prompts were a little creepy to think about:

1. Would you rather live in a haunted mansion with Andre Agassi or get lost in a haunted maze with Andy Roddick?

Grigor Dimitrov: "Oh Andre all the way."

Producer: "Why is that?"

Dimitrov: ....Crickets...

Dimitrov: "Knowing Andre a little bit, it's a little easier to predict what is going to happen. So I'm not going to be on my toes the whole time. I don't know Andy too well, he seems like a cool guy, but he's more unpredictable."

Andy Murray agreed with Dimitrov. He too would prefer to share the same living quarters as the eight-time major champion, saying he would be able to get out of the maze with Roddick "fairly quickly."

Andy's brother Jamie on the other hand, is looking to remove himself from the situation as quickly as possible.

"Haunted maze because hopefully I can get out of it," he said laughingly.


Dimitrov formerly was coached by Andre Agassi for a short period in 2018.

Dimitrov formerly was coached by Andre Agassi for a short period in 2018. 

2. Would you rather dress as John McEnroe or John Isner?

Dimitrov: "I'll go McEnroe, we both have the curly hair. I can kind of go along with that style."

Felix Auger-Aliassime: "Well everything would fit so big if it's John Isner and John McEnroe actually has pretty cool style."

J. Murray: "John McEnroe because his clothes might fit me."

3. Would you rather be haunted by Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer?

Sebastian Korda: "I'd say probably Federer. I don't know that's an interesting question."

Denis Shapovalov: "Novak already haunts me."

A. Murray: "I've been haunted by Novak for a lot of my career to be honest. So I'd probably go with Roger."