Coco Gauff and Taylor Townsend got in on Tiktok's popular Tortilla Challenge Sunday night, and it was everything.

The basic rules:

Step 1: Fill mouths with water

Step 2: Rock, paper, scissors commences

Step 3: Winner slaps opponent with tortilla

Whomever spits out their water first loses, and the three steps are repeated until a winner emerges.


Gauff won the friendly singles match, 6-3, 6-3.

Gauff won the friendly singles match, 6-3, 6-3.

In Atlanta for night one of two women’s exhibitions, the pair of Americans were up for the task. Gauff’s rock beat Townsend’s scissors, but no one was prepared for the 18-year-old's commitment to the slap.

Immediately after her tortilla struck, Townsend’s water came out with a roaring laugh. She exclaimed multiple times, “Oh my god!”

“That was a biggggg slap,” a producer said off camera. Responded Gauff, “She said slap me! I don’t know, I’ve seen Kevin Hart do this.”

Townsend got a shot at revenge with paper proving useful, and soon went with a much lighter approach. The tactic worked, as Gauff couldn’t contain her water.

We can’t wait for a future rubber match!