Mikael Ymer won his fifth professional tournament at the Orleans Challenger, in France last week, blowing through the draw without dropping even a set.

As a reward, he entered the world's Top 100, a milestone for any player. He also received a trophy of sorts, though it looked more like something out of Finding Nemo:


The painting, according to the ATP, is by an artist who goes by "Oji," and features a heron and the nearby Loire River.

But it's by no means the only weirdly wonderful trophy on tour. There are plenty more, such as the European Open trophy in Antwerp, Belgium, with its impressively long left arm ...


The tree-like trophy at the Paris Masters ...


And the Thailand Open trophy, which has been described as a whale, a dolphin and a seal—pick your favorite sea creature:

If fruit's more your speed, the Mexican Open has a pear thing going on. It can also serve as a Christmas-tree ornament 10 months later:


Then there's this abstract number by the Hamburg European Open, in Germany ...


And this sea-urchin–looking deal at the Winston-Salem ATP 250, which certainly can't be safe to carry onto the flight to the US Open the following week:

Last, at the Japan Women's Open, in Hiroshima, the winner gets this big, fuzzy ball thing—though it comes with another, actual, trophy as well:


Does all of this, on the whole, make tennis seem kind of strange? Sure, but weirdness is one of the sport's strengths. Let tennis, with its far-flung locales and events with individual personalities, be tennis.

Ymer began 2019 ranked No. 255. He now sits at No. 81, and is ninth in the NextGen Race to Milan.

He won what?! A look
at the weirdest
trophies in tennis

He won what?! A look at the weirdest trophies in tennis