Last month, Britain's Heather Watson joined Alpro as a brand ambassador and has since been posting nutrition tips, go-to meal prep and much more alongside the plant-based company. On Wednesday, Watson decided to kick things up a notch by getting her followers involved in what she calls the "AlproPBchallenge."

The world No. 72 spread out six cartons of Alpro's "Soya" plant-based milk beverage across the court and gave herself ten tennis balls. The goal of this challenge is pretty simple, using the ten balls players should try to knock down as many of the drinks with their serve.


"It's not always that easy," Watson said after barely missing one of the cartons.

All in all, the 29-year-old managed to knock down four of the six before handing the challenge off to a couple of friends and inviting fans to also partake in the social challenge.

Along with Alpro's "Soya" beverage, the brand also makes ice cream, plant-based creamer, lattes and treats for kids. This challenge is not only great physical exercise, but it looks delicious as well.

Things on the match court are not going as smooth as the Alpro challenge did for Watson. On Tuesday at the Tenerife Ladies Open, Watson lost to a tough Clara Tauson in a three-set opening round battle. She also fell to Sloane Stephens in the first-round at the BNP Paribas Open.

Watson hasn't picked up a singles win since August and is currently on a five-match losing streak.