Everybody has obstacles in their way and challenges in life to overcome. But few have done more with their initial life projections than Alex Hunt, a man from New Zealand who wasn't supposed to be an athlete, let alone an exceptional one. Born without much of his left arm due to a complication from his birth, Hunt was brought up by a family and friend group that preached love, acceptance, and the belief that he was as normal as anybody. "They just loved me for who I was," Hunt recalled. "And they didn't see my missing part of my arm as a disability."


Chatting with Kamau Murray on the Podcast, Hunt described an upbringing rooted in sports, but it was tennis that he just couldn't live without. Despite a well-fitted prosthetic arm, he never felt natural with it on the court. One day, while fooling around with some friends, he made an astonishing breakthrough. "I put the ball in that little gap between the elbow & the stump and popped it up," Hunt described. "It wasn't pretty but I got every serve in. It got us thinking that maybe I don't need my prosthetic arm."

From there, Hunt went to work. He served basket after basket of balls, perfecting his unique style and getting remarkably better along the way. At 28 years old, he's competed on the ITF circuit and even earned a ranking point on the ATP. It's this unwavering commitment mixed with a positive outlook that has given Hunt the chance to make the most of his circumstances.

It's a fun chat between Murray and Hunt, who may be following the host's path into coaching and leading the future generation of tennis stars. Whether you're a seasoned tennis player, a casual fan, or somebody looking for added motivation to make the most out of what life sends your way, Alex Hunt's story adds perspective and encouragement at a time when it is certainly needed.