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Might "Tennis: A True Underdog Story?" be coming soon in a theater near you? If Nick Kyrgios and Ben Stiller have their way, the answer could be yes.

The reigning Wimbledon finalist and the Emmy Award-winning actor starred in their own buddy-comedy on Twitter Tuesday night after Kyrgios logged on to muse about a career change to coaching. The 27-year-old Aussie has been sidelined with injury for the entire season thus far—first, with a knee problem that took him out of the Australian Open and necessitated surgery, and now, with a foot injury.

"Any takers?" he asked, recruiting potential pupils. And perhaps poking fun at Kyrgios' reputation, Stiller soon entered the fray: "I'm open to it," he replied. "But would need to know you're serious."

Kyrgios quickly took Stiller up on his offer. After the Aussie replied that he'd be "all in" for hitting the court with the "Meet the Parents" star, Stiller replied, "First we need to decide who is coaching who."

Odds are, the actor might have some solid coaching credentials himself. Stiller is a noted tennis fan and is a frequent guest each year at the US Open. Last year in Queens, he opened up on his tennis experience, and even had an impromptu practice session one night in Louis Armstrong Stadium with Diego Schwartzman. He's also no stranger to Kyrgios; at the 2022 BNP Paribas Open, Stiller played a starring role in a tense exchange that Kyrgios had with a fan.

"I love playing. I started later in life," Stiller said at the US Open. "I'm not really into people actually watching me play, because I don't want to subject anybody to that, but for fun and just in terms of just being able to have a release in life, it's so much fun."


Ultimately, Kyrgios struck a deal: "I’ll coach you to get you in a professional tournament. Then you coach me to get me in a movie."

Tennis fans quickly warmed to the idea, with one tweeting, "I reckon that this whole concept is a movie!"

"I would very much enjoy watching both of these endeavors," another wrote.


And as if his Wimbledon runner-up plate doesn't give enough credence to his credentials, Kyrgios punctuated the conversation with some further highlights on his resume.

"Look I know the game better than most," Kyrgios wrote. "Way more knowledgeable and up to date than most of the coaches now, beaten everyone."