Andy Roddick was the king of serving aces in his heyday and this week, he may just be the king of Throwback Thursday. And he has Venus and Serena Williams to thank.

On Thursday, the former world No. 1 uploaded a video from his hometown of Austin, Texas. In the selfie clip, Roddick provided fans with a unique stroll down memory lane inspired by the critically acclaimed movie King Richard telling the story of how the Williams sisters were molded into the groundbreaking champions that forever transformed their sport.

“It was so inspirational. I remember what the processes were,” reflected Roddick as he casually walked. “Obviously their story, Venus and Serena, and where they came from, what they became kind of made me want to check back in with the best parts of tennis when you’re learning the game.”


That place of nostalgia for Roddick is the Caswell Tennis Center, a historic site that took shape way back in 1946. It was here where the eventual 2003 US Open champion recalled hitting his first tennis balls on a wood wall that has since been relocated and updated.

“Pretty weird walk, but pretty fun,” continued the 39-year-old. “Lot of hot summer days spent inside of these fences. Pricing hasn’t changed too much.”

The International Hall of Fame inductee wasn’t joking on that, as court fees run at just $4 for adults, $3 for seniors and $2 for juniors. With affordability like that available to this popular community, who’s to say another tennis champion won’t one day be galvanized by the modernized wall that gave us Andy Roddick.