With millions of people trying to self-isolate (or ordered to) after a recent surge in coronavirus cases in Europe and the United States, everyone is starting to get creative with their time. Enter #quarantennis.

For a couple of residents in Spain, that meant playing padel through their windows. The duo struck volleys back and forth and engaged in an extended rally before the ball hit the window and fell to the ground.


Spain is currently in a state of emergency and is implementing strict social distancing in order to slow the number of coronavirus cases. Cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles are following suit, and shutting down non-essential businesses to the public.

But racquet sports are staying alive, and it's not just the Spanish getting creative.

The athletes are using all kinds of racquets, and those with backyards have more room to swing.


Those without yards are sticking to their balconies.


Even in these uncertain times and as tension continues to escalate, it's great to see people finding ways to enjoy life and make the most of the situation.