An all-new International Tennis Hall of Fame exhibit has arrived, but this time fans don't have to make a trip to Newport, Rhode Island to see it. All fans have to do is sit back and relax from the comfort of their own homes to view this historical digital museum.

That's right, the Kicks on Court museum is online and takes audiences on a long and interesting journey of on-court shoes and the evolution of them over the past 100 plus years. All the way from the Victorian Era lace up boots to current custom Stan Smiths.


The exhibit begins in the 1800s and takes viewers through a timeline that leads to the present day. The digital experience doesn't just focus on fancy footwork in some of the most iconic shoes, it also explores the technical evolution of tennis footwear and a collection of great sneaker stories. Billie Jean King's 1973 blue Adidas—the first tennis shoes to ever be made in a color other than white are within the museum. The blue kicks are also the pair she wore during her pivotal 1973 Battle of the Sexes match against Bobby Riggs.

Along with BJK, John McEnroe’s Nikes, Monica Seles’ FILA shoes are all shown with their own fascinating stories. The museum also looks at the influence tennis' footwear had in music, art and pop culture. Another cool feature is the ability to zoom in close on the shoes to see striking details, like the red clay clinging onto Chrissie’s Converse soles.

In celebration of the digital museum, the ITHF is auctioning off a pair of hand-painted FILAs featuring Bjorn Borg inspired art. All proceeds from the one-of-a-kind shoes will benefit the organization's mission to continue to celebrate the sport, grow and preserve it. The auction closes on May 13.


The exciting exhibit islive now.