Players are dropping like flies from the Olympic games. Most recently, Nick Kyrgios announced his withdrawal due to his understandable unwillingness to compete yet again in an empty stadium.


But two-time Olympic medalist Jack Sock made some very powerful points about what the games mean to him, and the broader appeal that is an Olympic medal.


"Personally, if I have a chance to play, I would never pass it up because even though ATP titles are what we strive for, further down the road you may have kids and a family to share those moments with,” Sock said. "The two medals I have now are something I’ll cherish forever and may be the first thing I show to my kids one day.”

Sock, born in Nebraska and raised in Kansas City, MO, where he trained at the Mike Wolf Tennis Academy for most his youth, understands that your average American doesn’t comprehend the magnitude of his many tennis accomplishments. But they do understand he is an Olympic champion.

"If you talk to the average person who doesn’t know tennis and you say you won the Madrid 1000, they will look at you like you’re talking a different language. If you say you won a gold medal, they will know exactly what you mean.”

While players skipping the Olympics due to the unique circumstances in Tokyo is understandable, one can’t help but wonder if that is a decision they will eventually regret.