The resort town of Courmayeur is a perfect place for winter sport and, as Jasmine Paolini and Liudmila Samsonova will tell you, an even better place for tennis.

Before easing into the quarterfinals of the inaugural Courmayeur Ladies Open, the two made an impressive trip up Mount Blanc thanks to the Skyway cable car, finding themselves well over 3000 meters in the air.

With a small tennis court set up, the two WTA stars smashed Roger Federer’s 2005 record from when the Swiss Maestro and Andre Agassi rallied atop the Burj Al Arab, a mere 320 meters up!

Both Paolini and Samsonova are in the midst of breakthrough seasons, both winning their maiden WTA titles in 2021—Paolini in Portoroz and Samsonova on grass in Berlin.

Seeded No. 3 this week, Samsonova played for Italy at the beginning of her career, making a return to Courmayeur particularly emotional.

"When I first moved to Italy as a little child, Valle d'Aosta has been the place where I made my first steps in the country," she wrote on Instagram last week. "This is why playing @courmayeurladiesopen is gonna feel special, pretty exciting."

Check out their adventure on the tournament’s official YouTube channel.