John McEnroe may have been something of a menace on court, but his big personality and infamous catchphrase made him a massive success- and not just as an athlete. Now in his sixties, the legendary tennis player and commentator has found himself on a whole new path.

Mindy Kaling and the tennis hall of famer working together seems a bit unexpected. But Kaling had a vision for her Netflix series “Never Have I Ever,” and it included McEnroe as the narrator. The show centers around an American-Indian girl dealing with life as a teenager (not exactly something McEnroe can relate to), but it’s become a huge success and just got renewed for a third season.

“It’s been in my mind for a while…As you get older, and you're less able to move physically, it does seem to be appealing to try things that don’t require a lot of running,” McEnroe told GQ of being a voiceover artist.


So what else comes with McEnroe’s newfound role? Well, he made a short mockumentary, “John McEnroe: The Next Chapter” and a whole Squarespace website to tell you. As one might imagine from his behavior on the court, the man is certainly a performer. And the confidence he gained from being the world No. 1 for 170 weeks is still alive and well.

“It’s time to go from tennis legend…to voice legend. Because I’m John freaking McEnroe. And there’s nothing I can’t do,” his Squarespace website reads.

He’s not wrong. McEnroe has found success in surprising places, but that’s what makes him who he is. He still has his edge that once helped him become the best in the world, and who knows where it will take him next. But for now, if you want to hear “You cannot be serious!” as your phone alarm or from your car’s navigation system, give Johnny Mac a call.