WATCH: Millman defeats No. 3 seed Grigor Dimitrov to advance into Delray Beach's semifinals before heading to Mexico.


John Millman was hit by a tennis ball and was forced to retire during his opening round at Acapulco this week, is still having eye problems but is aiming to return at Indian Wells.

The Australian described it as an "unfortunate accident" that occurred off his own racquet.

"The ball didn’t hit me hard, but as I went to flick it to the ball kid, with my back turned, it hit the frame as I was turning around," he told the Herald Sun.

Although he received treatment on court, there was swelling and his inability to follow the ball forced him to retire from the encounter. Millman is still experiencing some pain and vision issues, but believes he avoided significant injury and can still compete at next month's Indian Wells event, assuming the eye continues to improve.

"I have scratching to the cornea," he said. ''My focus is slowly getting better, but it is still blurry."

Millman is No. 80 in the rankings.