Though 2020 was a weird one, the year-end awards have still been handed out as usual. While Petra Kvitova didn't win any WTA year-end honors, she did win multiple trophies in her home country.


The world No. 8 was named the Czech Player of the Year for the third time in her career, but that's not all the new hardware she's enjoying. She was also given the the Golden Canary Award by the Czech Tennis Federation, though that awards ceremony was canceled due to COVID-19.

At the 2020 Sportovec Roku awards, she finished in fifth place for Sportsperson of the Year. The 30-year-old has won first place twice in her career, in 2011 and 2014.

Kvitova may not have won a title in 2020, but she reached the semifinals of Roland Garros and appeared in the Doha final en route to posting a 20-6 season record.