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Tennis for a Better Life is a non-profit organization in support of the belief that tennis is a vehicle towards empowerment. Growing up in Benin, founder Paul Segodo is a product of how tennis can advance lives.

With more than one-third of the country living in poverty, Segodo recalls how little resources were available to the community. They played barefoot in the dirt with nets that were ripped and damaged.

Segodo never let such conditions deter him, as he was selected to represent his country at the age of nine in an African championship. From there, he was discovered to play in America off of a scholarship.

That sole opportunity allowed Segodo to make a better future for himself and his family.

Though his own life transformed, not much changed back in his home country. During a trip back to Africa, he saw kids playing under the same conditions as he was growing up.

This moved him to start Tennis for a Better Life. With the support of Second Serve, and 316 Ministries, the three organizations were able to donate gently used tennis equipment to Benin, from tennis racquets to shoes.

Segodo continues to give back through Tennis for a Better Life in order to provide kids the same opportunities he was able to receive through tennis.

Their recent call to action hopes to bring a new court for the children in Benin to upgrade from the rusted and cracked courts they currently play on.

If you are looking to also help make a difference, all donations are appreciated and can be made online.