The Entertainer, Sliderman, La Monf… all nicknames associated with Gael Monfils. But after seeing his US Open fit, we might be able to add “The Flash” to the list. The Frenchman and his day-glow shorts have been zipping around the court like lightning strikes.

It’s no secret that Monfils is already a fan favorite, and has been for over a decade. So showing up to the final major of the year in the brightest outfit he could find only does his fans a favor. When La Monf steps onto the court, no one wants to miss a moment. Monfils has been sponsored by Asics since 2013, and the brand decided to incorporate a bit of brightness for this year’s US Open. If Monfils’ personality was a color, it would probably be the same one as his shorts.


The 35-year-old likes to make an impression, and his look on Day 4 did just that. Monfils donned a relatively understated, sleek shirt—black with subtle red and green patterns on one side and green trim around the neckline. Black wristbands showcasing the Asics logo covered the simple accessories. His shorts, however, were perhaps the brightest shade of neon green to ever grace Flushing Meadows. Compare it to a highlighter, and then turn up the brightness a few notches. The world No. 20 likely could have been seen from outer space, and he wouldn't have had it any other way.

The fit was bright, bold, and hard to take your eyes off of on the court—a summation of Gael Monfils. Everyone’s favorite shot maker didn't disappoint with his racquet either, moving into the third round after defeating Steve Johnson on Thursday, 7-5, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4. The No. 17 seed will face Jannik Sinner for a chance to reach the second week.