What did you say? Andrey Rublev shared an LOL-worthy moment with Daniil Medvedev ahead of their opening match at the Nitto ATP Finals that would've assuredly snapped the Russian's Duolingo streak.

Reflecting on the relationship that he, Medvedev and Alexander Zverev have shared since they were children in the Red Group's pre-tournament press conference (all three were drawn in the same round-robin group), Rublev found himself a little lost in translation as he waxed poetically on the passage of time.

"You don't really believe that that many years pass," Rublev said. "I still feel we're still the same, 11 years old. I don't know, maybe Daniil a bit, not, with his barba." (Watch the video above.)

(That's Spanish for beard.)

While Rublev's slip of the tongue genuinely amused all present, not the least Medvedev himself, there might've been some foreshadowing. Earlier in the press conference, Carlos Alcaraz called Rublev the funniest man "in the whole ATP Tour."


But no matter the language, Rublev's sentiment was clear. The evolution of the trio's childhood dream has been nothing short of surreal.

"To see ourselves playing at the best tournament together ... we know each other since we were 10, 11, we played all the juniors, and to see now that we are here, the best eight players, it's a special feeling," he said.