Rebecca Marino—who retried from tennis at age 22 in 2013 due to depression and online harassment—has announced that she will return to the sport this fall. The Canadian will play ITF Pro Circuit tournaments in Toronto and Saguenay, Canada.

It's been a while since anyone last saw her play, so here's a quick refresher:

In 2010, when Marino was 19, she qualified for the US Open and made it to the second round, where she lost to Venus Williams.


After that, she won three straight ITF Pro Circuit $50,000 titles.  The next year, she made it to the final of Memphis and the third round of Roland Garros, reaching a career-high raking of No. 38.

In 2012, she added an ITF Pro Circuit $25,000 crown to her collection. But her battle with depression and the effects of cyberbullying prompted her to take a seven-month hiatus.

"With professional athletes, people put them on a pedestal sometimes, and they forget that they’re actually a person still,” Marino told The New York Times following that first break.

After an initial attempt at a return, Marino's struggles continued, and she chose to pack up her career once again. She attended the University of British Columbia and joined the rowing team. In 2013, at just 22, she gave a TED Talk explaining why she stepped away:


Now, nearly five years later, Marino has decided to give it another go.

"I want to be happy to be on court and compete, that’s all that matters to me," she said.