In the case of Marton Fucsovics, maybe not.

On Tuesday, the Hungarian let it be known he didn’t appreciate the conduct of his opponent during an eventual first-round defeat in Lyon. After falling behind a set and a break to Sebastian Baez, Fucsovics walked past the Argentine’s chair with a question.

“How old are you… 12 years old?” he said.

Baez promptly responded, “No, 22.”

The 31-year-old sat down and served up running commentary during the changeover.


Fucsovics fell to 10-11 on the year.

Fucsovics fell to 10-11 on the year. 

The rundown:

  • “These fu#@ing 20 years old guys.”
  • “Playing so unfair.”
  • “Vamos for every point I miss.”
  • “Screaming like a bi#@$.”

The chair umpire told Fucsovics, “I don’t want these words,” in reference to the language spewing from his mouth. Before taking his side of the court, Fucsovics made a passing reference to Cam Norrie’s behavior.

Upon losing, Fucsovics shook Baez’s hand, though used the moment to voice his frustration directly one last time. Needless to say, the No. 6 seed had the proverbial final word by virtue of his 6-4, 7-6 (5) victory.