Mike Tyson may be one of the greatest boxers to ever get in the ring, but the heavyweight champion has become dedicated to a more elegant sport. Tennis has become a major part of Tyson's life, with the 55-year-old going so far as to say the sport "changed [his] life."

At the US Open and Indian Wells, Tyson can be frequently seen cheering on his favorite players. Reportedly, the boxer is a huge Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams fan, even teaching the former world No. 1 how to box. Tyson posted on Twitter a video of him holding the punching bag for Williams.


He also hit the bag with Coco Gauff who, in his words, is the "future GOAT."

The main reason for Tyson's sudden interest in tennis is his 12-year-old daughter, Milan. According to Tyson, his daughter is training multiple hours every day and is serious about becoming a professional tennis player.

“She is disciplined in her own. She gets up, cooks her meals, takes a shower and goes to the gym every day at 7 or 8am," Tyson said.

“She stays there until 4pm. She is very diligent and she wants to do this... I’m very proud to have someone in my family who understands that sometimes things don’t go your way."